Sunset of LifeWelcome to Caring For Elderly Checklist! This site is devoted to the care of our fragile and physically or mentally challenged population, elderly and not so elderly alike, and their care givers. Changes in the delivery of healthcare on a global level is causing changes in the way disabled and elderly persons are being cared for. More and more, these consumers are staying in their homes through their sunset years and are being cared for by family and friends in their homes. This presents a need for education about proper techniques and an understanding of the challenges that are faced by these loved ones. Specially adapted products and services are needed to properly care for them, including items for urinary and bladder incontinence, mobility aides, eating and feeding aides, specially adaptive clothing, bathing aides, lifts, wheelchairs, nutrition and supplements, and a whole host more. Here at Caring For Elderly Checklist, we have what you need to comfortably and accurately and safely care for your loved one. In their home or yours. Visit the many articles about various diseases and challenges, and ways to care for them. Look at the section about encouragement for the care givers. It can be very draining and stressful when you try to balance a family, a personal life, and the care of a loved one who is physically, mentally, or emotionally demanding. Look through the product and services pages for the things that you need to provide the care your loved one deserves. And make use of the Care Giver’s Forum to connect with others that share some of the same things as care givers. And finally, Please spread the word about this site. As the healthcare demographic changes and the baby boomers age and become physically or mentally compromised, this site will become more and more useful.
Ron Cramer RN